Create a Blog the Right Way

Launching a blog isn’t always what we consider as ‘easy’. Right steps are what
we need through the period of creating something totally from scratch and it
can be a terrifying thought specially when you are not so involved with digital

We have good news for you. We made it doable for anyone with the right guidance. Here’s a quick summary of what you need to do in order to start your blog immediately, but a reminder here: it takes patience and adherence. 

  • First, start with a domain name and see if it’s available
  • Purchase a hosting package
  • Get ready to dive in to WordPress 
  • Choose a theme
  • Write your blog posts
  • Install plugins if needed

Picking a domain name

Why do we need a domain name?

It is where people do find you and basically what they will call you – so the process of choosing a perfect-fit for your blog can be terrifying and stressful when you don’t have an idea yet. You can start with a basic name and then reshape in upcoming years – and if you are a loyal one, then you may need a bit of time. 

Purchase a hosting package

You should choose a web host – you’re in the right place for that!

First, let me start with explaining what a web host is. Your hosting company does all that is required to make your site appear when people type your domain name into their browser.

Install WordPress

There’s always a reason when we demand on a suggestion, a lot. WordPress is one of them not just because it is totally free but is easy to learn, offers a wide variety of themes and has an online community where people can gather to communicate ideas, difficulties and tutorials etc. It also provides abundance of plugins that make blogging accessible to everybody. 

Choose a Theme

We’re getting there!

The importance of choosing a theme starts with being the whole site’s beauty mirror. It determines what your blog looks like – and luckily you’ve got a lot of options to choose from. If you want your blog to be a marketing tool, it is better for you to choose a theme that will make your site easy to access to anyone. 

Write Blog Posts

It’s an easy step if you know what you’ll see when everything you imagined is nearly done – yet, as an overall step, you can start with “about” page, “contact”, “start here” or “work with me” to make customers sync up with your personal informations. 

Install plugins

Plugins are little life savers for the ones who are not that comfortable with technical improvements of the site. They are free, useful and can create variety of looks – the only point is not to overuse them to block the functionality of your blog. 

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